Who Is EDA

We are a grassroots organization that promotes and advocates for specific legislation through our elected officials to manage the Commons. We are here to help citizens get involved in determining how common resources are managed so that the needs of current and future generations can be met.

This involves directly connecting with legislators at different levels of government to advocate for and advise on issues related to an alternative socioeconomic system, which promotes the sustainable management of critical resources.

We are aware that rapid resource depletion and environmental degradation currently threatens an already unstable socioeconomic system. We can change that by:

  • educating ourselves on the issues
  • creating a database of the current status of necessary resources
  • working together to devise action strategies
  • including lobbying our elected representatives on all levels of government.
  • This new system would operate democratically through a network of Commons cooperatives based on ecodistricts – ecologically coherent areas that share a unique biosystem.

    EDA invites you to join us as we evolve a new approach for the responsible long-term management of our common heritage.