Toward a Socio-Economic System of Common Wealth – Comments from EDA Learning Call #3

It’s widely recognized that a new kind of common wealth is needed to revalue and protect the assets of Earth. Something that would resolve our private and public debts, create a global society of justice and sharing for everyone, and totally rebalance our ecology through sustainability. There is an answer to this and it’s always… Read More

Evolutionary Voices with Lisa VanderBoom 1 January 2017

Wayne Wilson, co-founder, Economic Democracy Advocates Wayne Wilson, President and one of the founders of Economic Democracy Advocates (EDA), is in dialogue with Lisa Vanderboom of Evolutionary Voices, discussing the mission and vision of EDA– “economic empowerment and justice by, for and of the people.” Wayne explores how basic human needs–water, food, and energy, in particular– are in… Read More