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In an uncertain world, purpose and power converge when we come together and take a stand to manage and preserve our common resources. Working in teams to identify issues that affect the well-being of our communities, we collectively engage with lawmakers and others to make the right choices for our long-term equality and sustainability.

To build a world that works for everyone, we advocate for the responsible use of our common resources.

Food is vital for human growth and development. Access to water is also vital in meeting our personal, agricultural and industrial needs. Energy is another critical element, enabling us to produce and distribute food and water and to build the extensive infrastructure of civilization.

Maybe we have taken this for granted. Our Commons are now being impacted by climate change, declines in non-renewable resources and increasing population and consumption.

This is why EDA sees the solutions from the standpoint of both ecological sustainability and social justice. We recognize that our present challenges involve two things: the planetary limits to our production of resources and their wise management and distribution so that everyone’s needs are met.

The first involves ecological sustainability to ensure the availability of our ecosystems for the survival of all living beings. This means understanding how the environment can produce a steady stock of resources which people need today and will also need in the future.

The second is about creating sustainable democracies to manage how these resources will satisfy the needs of our population. These means that our governance systems must themselves be stable and enduring, having the capacity to distribute resources equally today and for the long term.

We are a coalition of concerned citizens that is working to improve the viability of both our resources and their management. This is why we advocate for the Commons to our elected representatives. The same people who benefit from the Commons are the ones who must manage and protect them.

Our mission is to help YOU advocate for policies and laws that will work for everyone. Please join us. Through EDA’s research, education and advocacy training, you will have a major impact on developing the legislation in your district.

Learn more about how you can join us.

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