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Joining EDA is an affirmation that a person understands this work and wants it to succeed. And just as the depth of one’s understanding changes over time, so too will the level of their involvement in our work.

Active Members

Take a further step in their engagement by joining our Governing Circle. This group has the privilege of voting in our leadership elections, ratifying appointments and participating in referenda on matters of general concern to the organization. Three active members serve on the Board of Trustees as At-Large Trustees, and Active Members are also involved in EDA’s working groups. The standard annual membership fee is $50. We also offer this membership for $15, so that participation in EDA is available to anyone who has a commitment to our work. Please choose a level that is appropriate for your budget.

New Members

To become a new member, click here

As soon as you submit this form, we will send you an email message confirming your membership. The email will contain a link to Loomio, the electronic platform where EDA communications, notifications, discussions and polling take place. Please make sure to open this email and take the easy step of connecting yourself into Loomio. This is your link to our communication platform and everything we are doing together.

Renewing Members

To renew your membership now, click here

If you do have any difficulties please reach out to the membership team and we will assist you in getting reconnected.


We have created another level of membership, Supporting Member, for those who are interested in our work. These members will receive our newsletter.

Supporting Members

Supporting Members are invited to be as engaged as they want with our work, supporting it when and if they choose with time and energy and/or financial donations.

Whether you have time to participate or not, sign up to receive our newsletter. By doing so you ensure our ongoing, monthly contact, letting you know where progress is possible and how you might help EDA.

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