The future of humanity is at stake. Will we utilize resources in a way that serves our mutual survival, or will we choose a course that allows only a very few to have access to what we all need?

EDA is forging a path forward that will address the crisis we now face without resorting to violence or any of the past economic systems that have brought us to this impasse. Together, we can embody the principles, articulate the policies, and advocate for the changes that can lead us into a sustainable future.

This is our moment. Join us!

As a cooperative, EDA is an organization made up of equal members. We encourage active engagement yet acknowledge that all members will determine their own level of participation. You can be involved in two ways: as a ACTIVE MEMBER or as an SUPPORTING MEMBER.

EDA’s Action Council is comprised of three teams – Research, Education and Advocacy, and all members can participate in one or more of these teams. All members are welcome to contribute financially to EDA. We encourage everyone to sign up for our monthly newsletter where we share educational information, ongoing research, training and updates on our advocacy program, and upcoming events.

ACTIVE MEMBERS are a part of the Governing Circle, which also includes anyone who is part of the Action Council, Operations and the Board of Trustees. Below are opportunities, roles and responsibilities of Active Membership:

  • EDA expects Active Members to participate on the Action Council; that means they will contribute to the Research, Education and/or Advocacy team.
  • Active Members have input in decision-making through their comments, suggestions or proposals within their particular team.
  • Active Members can run for office
  • It is incumbent on Active Members to vote in elections for the leadership of EDA, ratify appointees and take part in referenda.
  • Active Members who do not participate in two consecutive elections or referenda may be considered Supporting Members.
  • Active Members must sign up on our online network where up-to-date news, calls to action and elections take place.
  • Active Members are required to pay an annual membership fee of $35.


SUPPORTING MEMBERS are interested in EDA and promoting, following or contributing to its work, but may not want to take part directly or steadily. Supporting members include friends of the organization, EDA partners and the general public.

Please take a minute now to say YES to this call to actively support this bold initiative to positively shape our future.