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Inquiry Group: Creating The Story of EDA
October 29, 2018 to June 24, 2019
Weekly on Mondays 8pm Eastern, 5pm Pacific, on Zoom

Join us for a highly informative and engaging discussion. Even if you haven’t participated from the beginning, you are welcome anytime. Simply sign up as an Active Member and we will send you an email directing you to the EDA Loomio Membership page where you can join the Inquiry Group and engage with other EDA groups and members.

Growing numbers of people don’t want capitalism anymore, but can’t articulate or even imagine an alternative. In the meantime, globalization, overconsumption and climate change are making it necessary to create a much more decentralized economic system.

In late October 2018, we began an organization-wide discussion into the dynamics of the global economic crisis and how we plan to respond through our Advocacy Program. As we share our understanding, perceptions, opinions of economic democracy, we are also developing EDA’s unique identity and message.

Looking forward to seeing you on the call. High marks for creativity!

I want to participate in the Inquiry Group!


Oakland is at the heart of the San Francisco Bay Watershed. This bioregion was the subject of EDA’s agricultural sustainability research project which was highlighted at our 2018 conference in Philadelphia. Our research team will present an update on this continuing work when we meet for our 2019 gathering in Oakland. Additionally, this year’s conference will launch EDA’s advocacy training program, as we begin inviting the public to join us in this all-important work.

Reserve the dates now, and stay tuned for more information!


Apply Here for a Scholarship to Attend EDA’s 3rd Annual Conference
This is your future. Take control now.

Thank you for your interest in Economic Democracy Advocates and in attending our Fall Conference.

Who is eligible: Current students, with ID, who are interested in learning about how you can help define and implement a commons-based economic system, designed to assure that everyone will have their basic human needs met tomorrow, and generations from now.

What is included: The scholarship will be in the form of a stipend that can be used to defray the cost of transportation, lodging and the registration fee for EDA’s three-day conference, with meals included. If you are coming from out of town, and need assistance covering accommodation, let us know. We may be able to help.


Deadline for applying: June 30, 2019. Applicants will be notified of results by August 1, 2019