Great Lakes Restoration Program Reportedly Facing Drastic Funding Cut

Great Lakes Water Basin.  Image courtesy of Wikimedia The new administration of the United States is starting out with an alarming explosion!  An early view of the first proposed budget is reflecting catastrophic cuts in funding for the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.  The proposed reduction of between 90 and 97% of funding would decimate the… Read More

Water fight – you lose, big business wins

Article written by Janice Bobbie In the last 20 years, Nestlé’s bottled water sales in the United States and Canada has grown tenfold from $400-million (U.S.) to approximately $4-billion. Nestlé has aggressively acquired water resources in communities all over North America. They either have direct ownership, leases, easement or other arrangements that allows them to… Read More

California officials say a new plan will make water conservation ‘a way of life’

In the United States, it seems as though California’s water shortages are constantly in the news.  And while the month of January this year saw some relief with a welcomed influx of weeks of rain, we can assume that we’ll begin to hear the stories once again about water shortages and the need for conservation. … Read More

President signs bill including historic Oklahoma water agreement

by William Crum Published: December 20, 2016 12:00 AM CDT With eyes on the Standing Rock community in their struggle to retain their control over their water supply throughout the past months, it was a pleasant signal that our government was still able to pass legislation that offered the regional protection over water rights to… Read More