Follow a gallon of water from Lake Mead to a Las Vegas tap

The recent stories about the extensive California drought in the summer of 2016 raised awareness of the fragility of access to the one resource that we all need to continue living on this planet.  This renewed focus on water as resource was further heightened in the stories of the previous year about water quality problems… Read More

Rainwater Harvesting 101

With the recent rains in the CA Bay Area, for that part of the country the drought has been relieved, and the Governor even made it “official”.  But, other parts of the US aren’t so lucky.  In fact, drought seems to be a constant for many places in the country for a while.  You can… Read More

Rural Americans’ Drinking Water At Stake With Trump Budget Cuts

Trump strongholds would be hit hardest by his plans to reduce funds for small-town water systems and ease rules on polluters. Our recent blog posts have had two themes:  the proposed cuts in Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funding; and the celebration of the United Nation’s World Water Day.  Both of these themes have had a… Read More

The Role of the Worm in Recycling Wastewater

Over the past week or so we’ve taken a glimpse at the world of wastewater recycling to acknowledge 2017’s theme for World Water Day.  We looked at recycling efforts in Orange, CA, Singapore, and the pioneers of wastewater recycling in Namibia.  While these recycling efforts were focusing on water for human consumption, there are needs… Read More

Recycling sewage into drinking water is no big deal -They’ve been doing it in Namibia for 50 years

This week we mark the upcoming United Nation’s World Water Day on March 22.  Every year there is a new theme for World Water Day – this year the theme focuses on wastewater.  In EDA’s two most recent blog posts we shared some of the advances in wastewater recycling, and much of this seemed to… Read More

Drinking Toilet Water: The Science (and Psychology) of Wastewater Recycling

We’re continuing our exploration of how wastewater is recycled as EDA celebrates World Water Day on March 22.  This year, the United Nation’s World Water Day theme is wastewater.  Our previous post began this series looking at “toilet to tap” and introduced the innovations of wastewater recycling in Singapore and Orange, CA.  We wanted to… Read More

From toilet to tap: Getting a taste for drinking recycled waste water

A third successive year of California’s worst drought in a century has the Golden State’s reservoirs at record lows. Agriculture has been affected, hitting the local economy, while some small communities risk running out of water. But business is booming in California’s Orange County Water District (OCWD), through a pioneering wastewater treatment facility that recycles… Read More

Trump Wants To Dismantle The Clean Water Rule. Here’s What’s At Stake

The Executive Order that was signed recently will undo decades of progress in cleaning up our environment.  But what’s worse, it will impair the environment for us and for future generations of Americans.  This article published by Huffington Post will remind you of the origins of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).   Many of our readers… Read More

President Trump’s Opening Salvos on Clean Water—and Other Public Health Safeguards

Earlier this month we published two posts about the concerns that we are seeing regarding the future of clean water with the US Administration’s desire to severely weaken the Environmental Protection Agency.  In combination with an Executive Order intending to rescind regulations preventing pollution of our rivers, lakes and streams, the head of the EPA… Read More

US drinking water at risk from Trump’s cuts to pollution rules

Recent actions by the new US Administration have raised alarm over the protection of water for our citizens.  An earlier post in our blog this month discussed the budgetary changes that will cause an enormous impact for the Great Lakes.  This collection of five lakes is the largest group of freshwater lakes on Earth, and… Read More