Solar panels cast shade on agriculture in a good way

Imagine you are a farmer struggling to keep up with production demands because of the increasingly stressful climate. Or perhaps you are a producer of renewable energy struggling with dramatic heat and weather. With increasing temperatures, solar panels get too hot to function properly, and crops demand more water, problems that are exacerbated by drought… Read More

Stop the Leakage: How Food-centered Urban Design Solves Economic Challenges

We’ve included articles about the importance of growing food locally, and the various reasons why this is important.  The article below focuses on what the author calls “leakage”, the reality in the majority of communities in North America where money spent in the community for basic requirements for existence like food, shelter, and water actually… Read More

Bourdain’s New Documentary, ”Wasted!,” Details Why Food Waste Demands Our Attention

While the documentary, Wasted! The Story of Food Waste has debuted in the Tribeca Film Festival, and has been released in theaters around the country, many haven’t heard of it, and most aren’t aware of the real impact that food waste has in the world.  For example, when you throw a head of lettuce in… Read More

He Hacked a Way to Talk to Plants — and They Talk Back

Food insecurity is an issue all around the world.  Many scientists are focusing on ways to make home gardening more foolproof.  When we can grow our own food, we can begin to feel that we have control over our future. This article reveals the work of one scientist who has developed a tool to “talk”… Read More

5 Reasons to Join the Locavore Movement

Over the past several years, there has been a growing movement of people who have found a passion for the growing locavore movement.  This stems from an expectation of local food as the healthy alternative.  This brief article gives you five reasons to embrace the locavore movement if you haven’t done so already.  Whether your… Read More

An All-Volunteer Squad Of Farmers Is Turning Florida Lawns Into Food

There is a growing movement throughout the country of homeowners who are taking steps to make the “local-vore movement” very, very local.  These homeowners are transforming their beautiful lawns into their own mini-farms.  The interest in this trend is spreading quickly and is particularly being embraced in more moderate climates where lawns can evolve into… Read More

Lauren Baker on the Importance of Transparency in the True Cost of Food

One of the hidden mysteries of modern living is the experience of shopping at the local grocery store.  We become complacent right from childhood to expect food will be there for us.  And, we rarely think about the cost of the food item that we place in our shopping cart.  With the advent of an… Read More

Personal Indoor Farming — Fall 2016

Our blog posts have shared ideas that communities can adopt to address providing a healthy resource for food.  Even larger communities and cities like Chicago can take a fresh approach to infusing high-quality food locally.  We’ve shared many examples of this nature in hopes that some of these would provide inspiration to you to take… Read More

Study says bioregion could be food self-reliant by 2050

At our annual conference last May, we introduced our new research initiative focusing on carrying capacity, with presentations from members of the EDA Research Team.  The research was a beginning of our effort to determine what the capacity for bioregions was for several places around North America.  Carrying capacity is the ability of a specific… Read More

A Solution for Struggling Small Towns: Organic Food?

Small towns and communities all over our country are constantly in a search for make-over, particularly those that have had their industrial base shut down, like Gasden, AL shown in this photograph.  Gasden lost their major industries in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and was forced to take steps for revitalization.  After decades of struggle, Gasden… Read More