As the Climate Collapses, We can Either Stand Together – or Perish Alone

[Article commentary by James Quilligan, EDA managing director:] A cogent article in Resilience by Tim Hollo on why survivalism is the wrong answer to the effects of climate disruption in society. Instead of reactionary individualism, he observes, collective “urban living in harmony with the natural world, brought together with deep democracy and cultivating social cohesion, is the only… Read More

Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change

We’ve had a remarkable year as far as climate goes.  So far this season, we’ve experienced five Category 3 (or above) hurricanes, with substantial damage to the Houston area with Hurricane Harvey and the devastation of Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria.  With another 45 days left in hurricane season, we can expect more to come. … Read More

Trump says goodbye to the Paris climate agreement. Here’s what that means…

The United States of America now finds itself in some pretty unusual company joining only Syria and Nicaragua in declining involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement. When the agreement was originally created, Syria was so deep in its own difficulties and mired in international sanctions that from a practical matter, travel to Paris was nearly impossible.  And with… Read More