10 Urban Agriculture Projects Making a Difference in Columbus, Ohio

In May 2017, EDA held our first “Our Common Good Conference” where we featured a presentation about carrying capacity in geographical areas around the country. The term “carrying capacity” refers to the ability or limitations of a geographical area to sustain life through the local availability of water and food production. One of the case studies shared in this presentation analyzed… Read More

Trump says goodbye to the Paris climate agreement. Here’s what that means…

The United States of America now finds itself in some pretty unusual company joining only Syria and Nicaragua in declining involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement. When the agreement was originally created, Syria was so deep in its own difficulties and mired in international sanctions that from a practical matter, travel to Paris was nearly impossible.  And with… Read More

Rainwater Harvesting 101

With the recent rains in the CA Bay Area, for that part of the country the drought has been relieved, and the Governor even made it “official”.  But, other parts of the US aren’t so lucky.  In fact, drought seems to be a constant for many places in the country for a while.  You can… Read More

Toward a Socio-Economic System of Common Wealth – Comments from EDA Learning Call #3

Recording Transcript Common Wealth It’s widely recognized that a new kind of common wealth is needed to revalue and protect the assets of Earth. Something that would resolve our private and public debts, create a global society of justice and sharing for everyone, and totally rebalance our ecology through sustainability. There is an answer to… Read More

The Local Food Movement

Recently we have posted several articles about the growing interest in accessing locally grown food.  There is an increasing awareness that many places in our country are suffering because there are no local groceries that offer healthy food to residents.  The term “food deserts” was introduced in a recent post to shine a light on… Read More

Trump orders review of national monuments, vows to ‘end these abuses and return control to the people’

The Trump administration recently issued another Executive Order that seemed to slip under the radar of many in the news media.  This new Executive Order opens the door to commercial exploitation of some of our country’s most beautiful and untouched areas.  The idea is to allow these National Monument sites to be managed by state… Read More