Study says bioregion could be food self-reliant by 2050

At our annual conference last May, we introduced our new research initiative focusing on carrying capacity, with presentations from members of the EDA Research Team.  The research was a beginning of our effort to determine what the capacity for bioregions was for several places around North America.  Carrying capacity is the ability of a specific… Read More

Five Basic Survival Needs of Human Beings

We hear the word “sustainability” and realize that it often means different things to different people.  But when you strip away all of the niceties, and really get down to it, sustainability is simply long-term survival.  To establish sustainability, we believe that there must be a radical change in the thinking of what is essential… Read More

A Solution for Struggling Small Towns: Organic Food?

Small towns and communities all over our country are constantly in a search for make-over, particularly those that have had their industrial base shut down, like Gasden, AL shown in this photograph.  Gasden lost their major industries in the 1970’s and 1980’s, and was forced to take steps for revitalization.  After decades of struggle, Gasden… Read More

In Maryland, rescuing food that might otherwise be wasted

A recent article in Fast Company revealed a study done by the Potsdam Institute which concludes that food shortage is less an issue of availability than it is a distribution problem.  In 2010, the last time the data was collected, we wasted 510 kilocalories per person per day, as compared with 310 kilocalories in 1965.… Read More

U.S. Mayors Back 100% Renewable Energy, Vow to Fill Climate Leadership Void

The U.S. Conference of Mayors also voted to support quick electrification of vehicles and urged Congress to back the Clean Power Plan and Paris climate agreement. Scenes like the image above are likely to become more prevalent in urban cities across the US as the US Conference of Mayors has made a commitment to move… Read More


In our coverage of the growing local food movement, we’ve been sharing several entrepreneurial efforts that have addressed the need for a focus on growing food on a small scale and distributing that food in an economic way to stores, specialty grocers, and restaurants.  This is a small but ever-increasing group of visionaries who see… Read More

The Next Health System

Now that the US has experienced the new government’s apparent direction toward health care, we’re somewhat painfully aware of how different sides of the political aisle view this complex topic.  We think it is very likely that what has come out of the House and Senate will be modified before it is signed into law,… Read More

Follow a gallon of water from Lake Mead to a Las Vegas tap

The recent stories about the extensive California drought in the summer of 2016 raised awareness of the fragility of access to the one resource that we all need to continue living on this planet.  This renewed focus on water as resource was further heightened in the stories of the previous year about water quality problems… Read More

10 Urban Agriculture Projects Making a Difference in Columbus, Ohio

In May 2017, EDA held our first “Our Common Good Conference” where we featured a presentation about carrying capacity in geographical areas around the country. The term “carrying capacity” refers to the ability or limitations of a geographical area to sustain life through the local availability of water and food production. One of the case studies shared in this presentation analyzed… Read More

Trump says goodbye to the Paris climate agreement. Here’s what that means…

The United States of America now finds itself in some pretty unusual company joining only Syria and Nicaragua in declining involvement in the Paris Climate Agreement. When the agreement was originally created, Syria was so deep in its own difficulties and mired in international sanctions that from a practical matter, travel to Paris was nearly impossible.  And with… Read More