Convention for a New Social Contract
A Cooperative Charter for Economic Democracy
Registration opens February 6th

Philadelphia is often referred to as the birthplace of the United States, a nation conceived to safeguard individual liberty and equal rights for all.
With the current breakdowns in society, however, it’s clear that political guarantees of freedom and equality are not enough to sustain democracy. Our decentralized cooperation is also sorely needed.
For democracy is not just a static structure, but a dynamic engagement process that requires each of our voices.

JUNE 14 – 17, 2018
We will gather at the Friends Center in Philadelphia to debate and sign a new kind of cooperative charter that establishes EDA’s organizational framework with both bottom-up and top-down pathways for decision-making –joining economic democracy with political democracy.

JOIN US on the ground floor to build the kind of organization that will work to ensure our democratic future.
Together we will be taking our education, research and advocacy work to new levels through this democratic commons framework, creating an action plan for the coming year and beyond.
Registration opens February 6th. Early bird registration is $365 for the 4-day event.
Details to follow.

Toward democracy,
The EDA Team

We’ll also visit Independence Hall together to bear witness to the spot where both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were drafted and signed by representatives who overcame their differences to proclaim the core values enshrined in these founding documents.

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